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The Thirteenth Hour on Tour!

That’s right! The Thirteenth Hour: Book One of The Cruel Gods is now on tour thanks to the amazing people over at TheWriteReads!

For the next ten days, The Thirteenth Hour will be featured on a variety of amazing blogs, and I’m truly honoured to be hosted by so many fantastic bloggers. My favourite thing about blog tours is that I get to discover new blogs to read and follow. This is also a special time for me, as not only is it my birthday week, but I’ve almost finished writing the first draft of The Children of Chaos – the sequel to The Thirteenth Hour! I can promise you tea, shenanigans, and tears. And maybe some smooching.

If you’d like to follow the tour, then Jenny at JenJenReviews has kindly put together a schedule. Check it out!

I’ll be returning at the end of the tour with my own wrap up. But until then, please visit the individual blogs and show them your love! And a big THANK YOU to all the bloggers taking part in this tour!

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