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The Many Faces of Kayl Fan Art

Beware! Minor spoilers for the beginning of The Thirteenth Hour!

A few months back, I was blessed with an incredible collection of fan art from a reader and fellow fantasy author, T. M. Kohl. She painstakingly designed twelve character images of Kayl from The Thirteenth Hour, each representing the twelve domains and ‘faces’ that Kayl can transform into within The Cruel Gods series.

I was completely blown away by the time and dedication put into these art pieces! Not only did T. M. Kohl send me each individual piece (which you can view on my gallery page) but also a really cool clock-shaped image of her art in order of the domains.

I’m going to share this now, and also an interview with T. M. Kohl, where she kindly spoke about her experience as an artist and author!

Thank you again T. M. Kohl for your amazing art and for fulfilling every author’s dream! 😍

The Many Faces of Kayl

Thank you for the amazing character art of Kayl! What inspired you to draw them? Twelve different characters is quite impressive!

Thank you, and I’m happy you have enjoyed them! They were so fun to draw. To put it simply, you and the world you created inspired me to draw these pictures. I felt so immersed in the world and how each domain worked and interacted with each other, and if I didn’t put these mental images to paper, my head would explode!

Have you drawn character art for other books? What are some of your favourite characters from these books?

I have drawn some fanart for other books. I really liked Feyn from Rebecca and Niamh Schmid’s book The Ghostmaker: To Take a World. Feyn is a character with a tragic past and is struggling to deal with it, and I admire him for how he keeps stepping up to do what’s right despite that struggle. I also really liked Kinkaid and Eden from Marie Adams’ Neon Utopia. Kinkaid is a fierce protector, and Eden is a kind and gentle soul, all characteristics I strive to embody.

I have many more ideas for fanart, and I wish I had time to make fanart for every book I’ve read!


What is your favourite art piece you’ve drawn? Would you be willing to share it with us?

It is really hard to pick—I’ve come a long way in my drawing skills and am really proud of my progress. I would have to pick this as my favorite piece: the evil gods and goddesses from my book series, The Warriors of Bhrea. I had a blast finding inspiration from deities all over the world to put into their looks and personalities, and I think I reflected that well in this piece!


You’re a writer as well as an artist! What books do you write? Tell us about them!

Indeed I am! Currently I have 3/5 books published of my series, The Warriors of Bhrea. It is an epic fantasy about a young woman from Earth who gets taken to another world. She has to navigate this dangerous new world, find out the hidden past of her family, and also discover a strange power she has within herself. It includes some unique twists on magic, esoteric gods, plenty of action, and a little romance.

Do you prefer writing or drawing? How much time do you dedicate to each?

Great question, but so difficult to answer! Overall I am usually more in the mood to draw and probably spend more time doing that nowadays; however, when the muses really strike me, I will hunker down and write out thousands of words and neglect my drawing. Writing and drawing are my creative outlets and usually inspire each other—writing gives me ideas for new scenes, and sometimes an idea for art comes to mind and provides the fuel needed to describe a scene.

Have you drawn art for your own books?

Yes. That takes up the bulk of what I draw. I am a very visual person, and I love to put my vision to paper in the form of art. I especially love designing the clothes and aesthetic of people from around my world.

What are some of your favourite books?

Some of my favorite books include The Paper Magician series by Charlie N. Holmberg, the Kingfountain series by Jeff Wheeler, and Departure by A. G. Riddle. I also consider The Thirteenth Hour to also be a favorite—it really sucked me in, and I find myself going back to reread favorite parts! I canNOT wait to read what comes next in The Cruel Gods!

And I have to ask: Which is your favourite domain from The Cruel Gods?

They each present an intriguing aesthetic and way of living, so it can be hard to choose! The domain of Tempest sounds like it would be really fun, to be able to fly as a Zephyr and live in airships in the clouds. A runner up would have to be Arcadia, where I could also fly but have a beautiful place to live out my dream of being an artist, writer, singer, you name it. As long as I don’t piss off the gods in those realms, of course. XD

Thank you for taking part in this interview! Where can we find you online?

Thank you so much for having me here! It’s been a true pleasure. You can find me at—it has links to my books, features more of my art, and a Conlanging 101 series detailing how I go about creating new languages. It also has links to all my social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Find the entire collection of Kayl’s art by T. M. Kohl on my gallery page.

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