Upcoming Books

Books due to be released soon:

Fire Walker

The fiery sequel to Sand Dancer is launching on Tuesday 23rd February!

As the second book in the Sand Dancer series, FIRE WALKER builds on the themes of the first novel to create a powerful allegory for oppression of women and others—and the lie that you must first stop being different if you want to be accepted—and wraps it up in a thrilling Y.A. fantasy adventure.

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Works in Progress

Books and projects that I’m hard at work on:

Sand Dancer Book 3

Now that I’m entering the final stages of polishing Fire Walker, it’s time for me to focus on the third book in the Sand Dancer series!

I’ve already written a first draft and I’m now in the re-drafting stage to make changes where necessary before I send it off to my editor.

The third book will released sometime in 2021!

Drafting Stage 50%
The Cruel Gods

A new adult fantasy adventure! The Cruel Gods is a historical fantasy with steampunk vibes set in a world where twelve gods rule over their mortals, but a group of heathens are searching for a way to free themselves from their gods tether forever.

The first draft is already written and I’ve had a blast creating a whole new world and story that’s completely different to Sand Dancer! I’ll be working hard on this to get it published in 2021.

Drafting Stage 50%