Your guide to the city of Chime and beyond! This Handbook is a tourist guide to Chime and the domains that’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the twelve domains and their mortals. The perfect companion to the world of The Cruel Gods!

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About the Traveler’s Handbook

Welcome to Chime, the steam-powered magical city ruled by almighty gods! Whether you’re new to Chime or a regular visitor, this edition of the much beloved Handbook is your guide to our illustrious city, a city built from brick and brass. Home to mortals from across the twelve domains, Chime is full of opportunity for those seeking a new life away from the domains of the gods. But entering Chime can be daunting for the wary tourist unused to engaging in polite society! And if you’ve never met a mortal with the body of a fish or a lion, then how would you address them?

Don’t fear! The Traveler’s Handbook to Chime and Beyond will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Chime and the mortals of the twelve domains, including queueing etiquette, how to board the trams and elevators, how to engage in small talk, the best places to eat and rest, and of course, where to pray and worship your god while you’re away!

And that’s not all! This Handbook will also teach you how to make the crossing into the domains of the gods and keep your mortal head intact!

Don’t delay! Grab your copy of the Handbook today! No sane mortal of Chime would leave their home without it!

Note: Part novella and part worldbuilding compendium, this Handbook will introduce you to the twelve domains of The Cruel Gods series. Set five years before the events of The Thirteenth Hour, the Handbook can be enjoyed before or after the main book.


Because this Chime Courier edition of the Handbook is being offered free, don’t be offended by the advertisements inside 😉 However, should you require a copy of the handbook without images, please contact me.

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Additional Info:

Series: Companion to The Cruel Gods series
Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy
Age Range: Adult 16+
Book Type: Ebook
Pages: 151
Published: September 9, 2021
Edited By: Nia Quinn