A list of all spoiler-free characters, including named minor characters, who appear in The Cruel Gods. Click on the buttons to view full character profiles where available.

Character portraits designed by the wonderful Seraphim!


"The rest of the Godless knew my nature; reckless, prone to distraction and wanton acts of danger, and completely scatterbrained."

Kayl is the main character of The Cruel Gods and most of the story is written from her perspective. She is a 26-year-old Vesper and member of the Godless.


"In my line of work, every ticking second mattered."

Quentin Corinth AKA Quen is the secondary main character of The Cruel Gods and the rest of the story is written from his perspective. He is a 28-year-old Diviner and a Warden.

As a Diviner, Quen can manipulate time and also explore the past and future of those he touches. However, his powers are twisted…


"You must have me mistaken, ma’am. I’m but an innocent paperboy. I wouldn’t hold such wanton desires."

Malkavaan Byvich AKA Malk is a 27-year-old Vesper and member of the Godless. He is Kayl’s lover and helps spread Godless fliers by working as a paperboy for the Chime Courier.

As a Vesper, Malk can summon and manipulate shadows.


"Why am I always getting dragged into these impossible situations."

Druzy Smith AKA Dru is a 25-year old Umber and member of the Godless. Kayl considers Dru to be her best friend and they have worked many jobs together.

As an Umber, Dru is the muscle of the team but also uses her natural abilities to grow plants.


"Being a bitch is why I’m in charge of keeping you heathens alive.”

Harmony Arabesque is a 40-year-old Seren and leader of the Godless. She helps gather intel at her day job for the Chime Courier.

Although Seren can fly, Harmony only has one wing and cannot. However, she possesses the ability to manipulate others through song.


"Nothing whets the appetite like a little espionage for dinner, darling."

Sinder is a 35-year-old Ember and member of the Godless. He spies on influential clientele within the Ember Ambassador’s private bar on Sinner’s Row.

As an Ember, Sinder can summon and manipulate flame.


"You have a delicious-looking brain. Joking. Brains aren’t to my taste."

Vincent Holcroft is a 37-year-old Necro and member of the Godless. He is the healer of the team and can also tailor appearances.

As a Necro, Vincent can manipulate the physical body, however, this comes with a hunger for flesh and blood.


"One moment I swam in a river of nothing. A blissful darkness. I existed as an idea that should never have been thought. As a synapse that should have never fired."

Reve is a 13-year-old Mesmer and member of the Godless. His frequent visions makes him the team’s seer.

As a Mesmer, Reve is often confused and spends most of his time dreaming. However, he is plagued with visions and nightmares.


"Chime has always come under Diviner rule. We alone have the knowledge and temperament to govern with fairness and logic."

Elijah Karendar AKA Eli is a 30-year-old Diviner and serves as their Ambassador, which makes him head of the Wardens and Quen’s boss, though they once studied together in the Chime Academy.

As a Diviner, Elijah can also manipulate time, though his abilities lay in bureaucracy.

Domain Ambassadors

In order of appearance:

  • Varen: Ambassador for the Vesper and owner of the Grayford slums. Varen also acts as Kayl’s mentor.
  • Glenys: Ambassador for the Glimmer and minor antagonist.
  • Erosain: Ambassador for the Ember and owner of Sinner’s Row.
  • Reverie: Ambassador for the Mesmer.

Domain Gods

A list of the domain gods:

  • Anima: The Amnae god of water, academia, the past and memories.
  • Faen: The Fauna god of animals, paganism, cannibalism and metamorphosis.
  • Unghard: The Umber god of nature, stone, craft and trade.
  • Gildola: The Glimmer god of dawn, sunlight, spring and birth.
  • Serenity: The Seren god of art, beauty, summer, and music.
  • The Nameless One: The Necro god of death, winter, flesh and disease.
  • Zyclone: The Zephyr god of flight, the future, machines and technology.
  • Lionheart: The Leander god of hunting, battle, challenge and legacy.
  • Edana: The Ember god of fire, passion, pleasure and depravity.
  • Valeria: The Vesper god of dusk, autumn, shadow and moonlight.
  • Mesmorpheus: The Mesmer god of dreams, nightmares, visions and stars.
  • Dor: The Diviner god of time, order, logic and bureaucracy.

Other Minor Characters

In order of appearance:

  • Dr. Hector Bezel: Diviner scientist working on the clock tower maintenance project.
  • Professor Walter Burns: Amnae professor who teaches mnemonics and memory recall at Chime Academy. Walter also acts as Quen’s mentor.
  • Dr. Zachery Finch: Zephyr scientist who works under Hector Bezel.
  • Lady Nara: Mesmer host of a dream parlor in Sinner’s Row.
  • Elvira: Vesper mother of Malk who helped care for a younger Kayl.