Coming of Age in Sandair

A collection of short stories

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These seven stories are written from the perspective of Mina’s friends – and enemies! Each story offers an insight into the world and characters we meet within book one, as well as some characters new to the sequel!

These stories can be enjoyed before or alongside Sand Dancer and contain only minor spoilers.

Coming of Age in Sandair Cover

About the Short Story Collection

Coming of Age in Sandair is a short story collection based on the world and characters of Sand Dancer. The stories contained within are a mixture of prequel stories and side stories which run alongside the events of Sand Dancer. It can be enjoyed as an introduction before book one of Sand Dancer, or read alongside or after the first book, though you may get more enjoyment and insight into the characters by reading it after Sand Dancer!

These seven stories are written from the perspective of Mina’s friends – and enemies! Want to learn more about Alistar and Raj’s helbonds? Or how Prince Rais earned his scars? Now’s your chance!

And you’ll get to see the world from Prince Ravel’s eyes. Why does he hate Fire Walkers so much?

Coming of Age in Sandair features a parable straight from the tales of Malik the Merciless, and offers your first look at a new character from the upcoming sequel to Sand Dancer. Just who is the daughter of the legendary Sword of Solus?

An Exerpt

The Housemen returned to the discussion at hand—the tournament due to begin in the coming weeks. And the next. One year until Ravel would be unveiled to the world and show the people of Sandair the king he would become. One year to pass his helbond and graduate from the Academy. Like everything in Ravel’s life, his helbond would be arranged for him. Faked. Just like the coming tournament and all his battles to come. What would the people of Solus see when they looked upon a man who’d never fought in a real battle? Would they see a man worthy of a crown? He needed to prove his worth.
Ravel ~ The Boy Who Would be King

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Additional Information

Series: Prequel to the Sand Dancer Series

Genre: Fantasy – Action & Adventure

Age Range: Young Adult – Suitable for ages 12+

Book Type: eBook

Pages: 116 pages

Published: April 4 2020

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She spends her less-than-free time behind a computer keyboard as an IT administrator, and she promises not to bore you with the details. Previously, she worked as a mobile game designer and tester, as well as a professional writer for video game websites. Many of her stories take inspiration from fantastical game worlds and a childhood spent devouring fantasy books.

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