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Character Profile: Vincent

Nicknames/Titles: Vincent Holcroft

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Domain: A Necro from Witheryn

Patron God: The Nameless One

Appearance: Tall, slim, and impeccably dressed; at first glance, Vincent is the perfect gentleman with his smart suits, neat, combed hair, and unnaturally porcelain skin. However, look closer and you’ll spot the bloodshot eyes, the blue veins, and, of course, the fangs present in all Necro. Whilst a handsome figure, Vincent’s appearance is often unnerving.

Passport Tattoo: Vincent’s tattoo has two domains: one stamp for Witheryn, his home domain, and one for Memoria, which is where he studied.

Home: The Abandoned Tram Depot in Grayford, the Undercity

Job Role: Healer for the Godless. Vincent provides healing services for the residents of Grayford, as well as provides fake tattoos and other cosmetic surgery as needed.

Story Role: The healer of the group, Vincent is needed for his powers of facial alteration. He has intimate knowledge of the Wardens. He also acts as an uncle figure to Kayl.

Motivations: Growing up on Witheryn, Vincent witnesed the depraved acts of his god for himself and was party to it. Because of this past, Vincent has no respect for his own domain or god and is dedicated to the Godless cause. He wishes to help free mortals from their cruelty and influence, believing that most mortals would not commit hateful acts if they were free from their god’s chains. He is also aware of the predatory nature of the Necro and wishes to protect other mortals from the worst of his kind.

His main priority however is Sinder. Vincent feels guilty for his past and came to Grayford to make amends. He feels partially responsible for the wound Sinder received during the Grayford Incident and thus will do anything to protect him.

Personality: Vincent is a quiet, gentle soul. He is painfully aware of the predatory nature of his own domain and of his own urges, and thus he tries to make himself look less threatening by only moving with slow and steady movements, or restraining himself so that others are not scared or startled by him. This submissiveness allows him to avoid attracting negative attention. As a Necro, he is naturally quiet and does not breathe.

Like all Necro, he feels an intense hunger for flesh and blood, but he keeps these urges under check by distracting himself with work. Despite his passiveness, he has a self-deprecating sense of humour and is considered polite and charming by those who meet him.

Quirks: Vincent’s pale skin is cold to the touch and he does not breathe in the way other mortals do. He was cursed by his god to suffer arthritic pain which gets worse after using his abilities, and this occasionally requires him to use a cane for support. Sinder helps ease his pain with his warm hands, and he also shares his blood with Vincent to help control his more violent urges.

To help exercise his fingers, Vincent practices painting and has become quite skilled at it.

Abilities: As a Necro, Vincent has the ability to modify his own body and that of other mortals. This includes modifying physical attributes through a form of instant plastic surgery, changing hairstyles and colours, applying tattoos including passport tattoos, and healing.

His main area of expertise is in healing, as he studied biology on Memoria for this purpose. However, extensive use of his abilities causes his arthritis pain to flare up, and also makes him hunger for flesh and blood.

To keep active use of his fingers, Vincent likes to paint and has become quite skilled at it. He helps design the images used in the Godless fliers.

Secrets: Vincent tries to downplay his Necro urges and only drinks blood in private. He also tries to keep his past secret as he’s ashamed of it.

During his brief employment with the Wardens, he learned a few Warden secrets he has since passed onto the Godless.

Relationships: Vincent has no Necro family or friends to speak of. He feels disdain for his own people and actively avoids them.

As most people tend to avoid Necro, he’d never grown close to others until he joined the Godless, who welcomed him into their cause with open arms and who now see him as a close friend. Like Sinder, he has grown protective of them.

Until he met Sinder, he’d never indulged a relationship with another mortal, either. Necro in general struggle to date, and so as his relationship developed with Sinder, he tried to hold back, to not get too close, but Sinder won him over and the two are now pair. Their relationship is close enough that Sinder offers his own blood to Vincent and trusts Vincent with his life. To Vincent, offering one’s blood is more intimate than sex.

Favourite Food: Blood

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Place: The University of Memoria

Favourite Hobbies: Painting, reading, studying biology, keeping his shelves neat, collecting antiques, playing card games with Sinder and Malk

Vincent's History/Origins

Vincent was born on Witheryn where suffering and death were considered normal, but even from a young age, Vincent felt uncomfortable with the glee his peers took from pulling apart insects and mortals to see how they worked. Vincent had always been a weak and sickly child who suffered from chronic pain, and so his peers bullied him for it. However, living with pain made him empathetic to the pain of others. He devoted his time to learning about pain and finding cures for it. Through this, he was able to convince his god to let him leave Witheryn and study biology.

The Nameless One agreed on the condition that Vincent would use what he learned on Witheryn. So Vincent left his domain and studied at the University of Memoria. There, he learned more about the other domains and life, and realised just how messed up his childhood had been. He also realised how others saw the Necro, and he learned to make himself less threatening.

Once he graduated, he was summoned back to Witheryn to serve his god’s bidding. He was ordered to dissect mortals whilst they were still living, which was torture for Vincent. He couldn’t stand the pain he was inflicting on others just to fulfil his god’s sick curiosity. After a Seren child died in his arms, he had enough. He convinced The Nameless One to let him travel to Chime and sign up with the Wardens in exchange for reports on the other domains, to which his god agreed. Though Vincent merely wanted an escape from his domain and thought working for the Wardens would give him that protection.

He joined the Wardens as a healer though he was only with them for a short time. During his service, he was part of the Warden raid on Grayford known as the Grayford Incident. Whilst he didn’t personally attack anyone, he witnessed Sinder being shot. Vincent was so appalled by the riots, he quit the Wardens and returned to Grayford on his own to help provide medical relief to Sinder and others who were injured.

And there he met the Godless. They didn’t trust him at first until he opened up and spilled Warden secrets.