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Character Profile: Sinder

Nicknames/Titles: Sinder

Gender: Gender Non-Conforming Male

Age: 35

Domain: An Ember from Rapture

Patron God: Edana

Appearance: Sinder is a typical Ember with bright red skin, two protruding horns from his head, fiery eyes, no hair or body hair and a horned tail. His horns and ears have multiple piercings, and his body is also covered in tattoos, mostly of black flames which are placed where he once had scars that were removed by Vincent. His most prominent tattoo is the word “sinner” across his collarbone.

Though Male, Sinder loves to experiment with female personas and presentation. His wardrobe consists of corsets and skirts he occasionally shares with Kayl, and he wears a maid’s outfit at his job. He is skilled with makeup and will spend many nights with Kayl helping each other try out styles or doing each other’s nails.

Passport Tattoo: Sinder’s tattoo has only one domain: Rapture. However, he once held a stamp for the Glimmer domain of Solaris, but this was stripped from him.

Home: The Abandoned Tram Depot in Grayford, the Undercity

Job Role: Spy for the Godless. Sinder spies on the Ember Ambassador within his private bar on Sinner’s Row. He’s also the fighter of the Godless thanks to his fire magic.

Story Role: Sinder’s history with the Glimmer gives him intimate knowledge of their cruelties and plans. He also acts as an uncle figure to Kayl.

Motivations: Due to Sinder’s past, he has a strong dislike of the Glimmer and joined with the Godless to help shut down their workhouses. He’ll take any opportunity to strike back at them. After he was abused and abandoned by his own god, he came to view the Godless as his family, and is fiercely protective of them.

Personality: A complete charmer who flirts with everyone, Sinder’s easy-going nature warms everyone and he is the ultimate best friend that anyone can confide in. He’s fun, playful, and up for anything. Unless it threatens his Godless family or the Glimmer are involved. His calm nature can suddenly switch to an all-consuming rage. Due to his past with the Glimmer workhouses, Sinder still suffers from PTSD-like symptoms which can trigger his anxiety and cause a literal meltdown. Though Vincent helps calm him, Sinder uses drugs to take the edge off.

Because of this deep-rooted anxiety, Sinder hates most Glimmer and rarely trusts people from his own domain.

Quirks: Sinder enjoys using recreational drugs to help calm his anxieties, and he’s the only member of the Godless who regularly smokes cigarettes, as his Ember lungs enjoy the smoke and he can light them with a flash from his fingers.

He enjoys playing with his flame, though he’s careful with it. When truly annoyed, his nostrils may literally flare or puff with smoke.

Abilities: As an Ember, Sinder has the ability to summon and manipulate flame. Though he can use this as a weapon or shield, it’s his natural charm that he uses to disarm his enemies, and he is naturally adept at deescalating situations.

Sinder is also a skilled masseuse and uses his warmth to massage.

Secrets: Whilst he makes his hatred of the Glimmer no secret, he doesn’t talk about his time with them, choosing to share his vulnerabilities with Vincent. He tries to hide his anxieties behind drugs.

Relationships: Sinder doesn’t have any parents or family to speak of, though his god, Edana, did not fill that role for him as she was more of a lover than a parental figure. Sinder has lost count of the number of mortals he’s had sexual relationships with, yet none he could ever say he loved.

Until he met Vincent. During the Grayford Incident, Sinder was badly wounded and would have died if Vincent hadn’t turned up to Grayford and offer to patch him up. Sinder didn’t trust him at first, but Vincent was patient with him and offered to help remove his scars or replace them with tattoos. Sinder opted for both, and during their sessions together, they grew close. Sinder came to realise that Vincent suffered from arthritic pain and extreme hunger after using his power, and so Sinder offered both his warmth and his own blood to ease Vincent’s pain as payment for helping him. This became a permanent arrangement and lead to a sexual relationship.

Since then, both Sinder and Vincent have dated exclusively. They don’t keep their relationship secret from the Godless, who welcome it with open arms. Sinder views the Godless as his family and is protective of them all.

Favourite Food: Curries and grilled vegetables

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Place: Vincent’s pants

Favourite Hobbies: Trying the latest fashions, experimenting with makeup, helping others with their makeup and nails, reading fashion magazines, sharing gossip, practicing his massage skills, playing card games with Vincent and Malk

Sinder's History/Origins

Sinder was a typical hot-headed Ember in his youth on Rapture who developed a talent for risque performance art. This talent, and his feminine look, caught the attention of his god, Edana, who employed him as her personal pet and plaything. Sinder adored the attention and adored her. How could he not, when she was his god? His very reason for being? He was completely besotted and would do any depraved act just to please her. Until one day when she grew bored and tossed him aside. Literally.

Edana handed Sinder over to a group of Glimmer puritans where he was enslaved into one of their workhouses. There, he was punished for his sins, for the depraved acts that Edana herself had encouraged, and Sinder was forced to indulge their religious indoctrination and suffer their tortures. For years he remained trapped in the workhouse. First, he was devastated that his own god had betrayed him. And then his anger turned to the Glimmer.

After months of planning, Sinder was finally able to escape the workhouse alongside a runaway Glimmer girl and Malk’s mother, Elvira. They sought shelter in Grayford on Elvira’s advice however Wardens came to raid Grayford in search of them. During the riots, Sinder was shot and would have died if not for Vincent.

As he recovered from his wounds, he met with Kayl and Malk and agreed to join their Godless organisation and help their cause. More importantly, he wanted to get his revenge on the Glimmer and shut their workhouses down.