One moment I swam in a river of nothing. A blissful darkness. I existed as an idea that should never have been thought. As a synapse that should have never fired.

Theme Song

All Characters:

Character Profile: Reve

Nicknames/Titles: Reve

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Domain: A Mesmer from Phantasy

Patron God: Mesmorpheus

Appearance: Reve takes on the persona of a short and skinny young boy though he speaks with the loud voice of a much older man. His Mesmer skin is a dark purple, sometimes black in shade, which specks of starlight on his skin that ripples like a nebulous star, especially across his face and cheeks. His hair is a jetblack shade which is short but often unkept with “bed hair” as he sleeps a lot. Most of the time he’s wearing his bed clothes or a dressing gown.

His eyes are the most startling thing about him, which swirl with the stars of an entire galaxy, though they will sometimes turn a pure black if receiving a vision.

Passport Tattoo: None. Reve managed to keep finding his way into Chime despite never receiving a tattoo. Since he now resides with the Godless, he never bothered to get one.

Home: The Abandoned Tram Depot in Grayford, the Undercity

Job Role: Seer for the Godless. Due to his young age and tendency to sleep so much, Reve doesn’t help out around the Depot. However, his visions have greatly benefited the Godless.

Story Role: Reve’s visions helps propel the story of The Cruel Gods forward. Without him, Kayl may have never met her fate…

Motivations: Reve is often confused by what is going on, though his visions give him some clarity, and through them, he realises that he is meant to be with the Godless, and to help them with the chaos yet to come.

Poor Reve is plagued with nightmares that never leave him no matter how much Dru comforts him. He simply wants his nightmares, and the pain of his existence, to end. Through the Godless, he knows he’ll find the peace he seeks.

Personality: Like most Mesmer, Reve is prone to daydreaming and is often confused by reality. He spends most of his time either sleeping or staring into space. Though he is friendly with the Godless, he rarely interacts with them, preferring to spend time alone with his thoughts. The Godless know to leave him alone to his own machinations and not to disturb him, though they each watch over Reve, treating him like the shy younger brother he is.

Quirks: Reve generally unnerves people with the way he stares at them, with the strange visions that come to him randomly, and with the way he seemingly doesn’t engage with the world around him. He often screams from his nightmares, but he isn’t violent or dangerous. His bad dreams are soothed by Dru, who mostly cares for him.

He can be prone to sleepwalking, thus the Godless lock his room at night for his own safety.

Abilities: As a Mesmer, Reve has the ability to explore his own dreams and that of other mortals, though this is a skill he rarely uses. Instead, he chooses to channel his energy into his visions. Often these appear as dreams or nightmares. When a vision first manifests, they are often blurry and he needs to concentrate to pick out details that would be helpful for the Godless. As the events of his visions draw near, the visions become clearer.

Secrets: Through his visions, Reve has seen the future to come and knows more about the Godless’s future and that of Chime than he has ever let on. He chooses not to share these visions as he dares not risk altering the future.

He also knows secrets of each individual member of the Godless but chooses not to reveal these so that he doesn’t make them uncomfortable. He’s more mature than his age shows.

Relationships: As a Mesmer, Reve shares a hive mind with his domain which means he and the others of his domain can share thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as enter each other’s dreams. Despite this, he isn’t particularly close with his domain. They are aware that he cavorts with the Godless but don’t judge him for it. Instead, they find it fascinating.

Reve wouldn’t say that he has any close friends, however he feels safe with the Godless. He trusts Dru to help care for him and though he may not show it, he holds a lot of affection for her. He also feels comfortable around Malk.

Favourite Food: Bubblegum candy

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Place: The tram lounge in the Depot. He likes the lamps and soft pillows.

Favourite Hobbies: None

Reve's History/Origins

Reve wasn’t born in the traditional way, not like the other Godless. He was never a child, he didn’t have a childhood, he just materialised into the world as a fully-functional being. Except he was never functional. The trauma of suddenly popping into existence caused him to suffer no-end of nightmares. He never asked to be born and completely dislikes the experience. As such, he was never able to cope with normal reality and every day interactions. He never intended to enter Chime, but accidentally stumbled through the gate when sleepwalking naked. The Wardens tried to help return him, but he was so scared and freaked out by them and the city that he ran and hid within Chime’s city streets.

After suffering a variety of incidents noted with The Cruel Gods, Reve finally stumbled his way into Grayford as a lost and confused boy. Not many Mesmer came to the Undercity, so the residents didn’t know what to do with him, dumping him inside Grayford’s soup kitchen. Luckily for Reve, Dru came upon him and brought him back to the Godless depot to care for him.

At first, the Godless didn’t know what to do with him either, and just provided him with food and a peaceful place to sleep. But then one day, Reve interrupted one of their meetings and spoke of a vision that would help them avoid getting caught by Wardens. From then on, the Godless listened whenever he spoke, and somehow, this quiet Mesmer boy found a place amongst them.