"Sandair must move beyond the tradition of the tribes and their Fire Walkers."
Prince Ravel of the Bright Solara

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Character Profile: Ravel

Nicknames/Titles: Ravel, Prince Ravel, Crown Prince, the Heir to Sandair

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Date of Birth: Lune’s Shadow (November 7)

Appearance: Ravel is a Solander with long black hair he wears in a ponytail or top knot and a braided beard that he decorates with red and sometimes golden beads. Like all members of the Bright Solara, Ravel’s most distinguishing feature is his amber eyes. He has a tall and athletic body and wears either red and gold coloured clothing, or golden armour with a red sash. His style is considered sophisticated and striking, and he carries his prized sabre decorated with a ruby pommel.

Home: Solus

Job Role: Prince of Sandair and heir to the Sandarian throne.

Story Role: The main antagonist of the series and rival to Mina.

Motivations: As the Crown Prince, Ravel is assured of his right to rule Sandair some day and so his actions are to establish and ground his own power and strength rather than prove himself a capable king to his father.

Ravel, like most hot-headed modern Solanders, believes that a Sandarian’s greatest asset is their strength of arms. He truly believes that Sandarian’s must prove their strength through battle and conquest, which is contrary to his own father’s efforts of compromise in order to reach peace. Ravel views such compromise as weakness and refuses to back down and show weakness where he believes might is right.

Ravel leads a crusade against the Fire Walkers after Prince Rais is injured during Ravel’s helbond ceremony. He truly believes that Fire Walkers are the monsters Sandair fear them to be, but his campaign against the Fire Walkers is a means to an end. Though he claims to want to serve Sandair’s best interests, he cares little for the moral panic he creates by targeting them.

Personality: On the surface, the Ravel appears to be quite a calm, charming young man. He is sociable and pleasant, often making time to mingle and interact with his father’s men and guests, and many consider him charismatic. But inside he is quite a cold, calculating figure that manipulates people for his own ends. He views himself better educated than most people and will only schmooze with those he believes can be of use, and holds a grudge against those who stand against him. He does not like weakness in others. Though he appears rather laid back and enjoys the finer things in life, he is careful with his own perception and actions and generally only engages in duels and social conquests as a show of power and strength, right down to the Housemen he chooses to speak with. If there is an opportunity to make himself look stronger or belittle an opponent, he will take it.

Despite his calculating personality, he often loses his temper. Rather than lashing out, he bottles in the anger inside and channels it into manipulating pretty vengeance. He has many fears and insecurities relating to his future as king, and the Fire Walkers, and these fears fuel the worst parts of him.

He was once known as a humble, honorable, and likeable boy, but some say the stress of his impending coronation has changed him.

Quirks: Ravel comes across as quite charming though Mina can see through his facade and thus he tends to drop the mask around her. Ironically, Mina is the only person Ravel shows his true self.

He is a man of many faces who hides his motives well.

Ravel loves to surround himself with fine things, such as fine clothes, jewellery, wine, anything which shows off his power and status. His room in the palace is the best, even better than the King’s, and he has expensive pet birds.

Abilities: Ravel is a skilled swordsman with a sharp mind. He was taught by his father, Salasar, and other great warriors to hone both his body and his strategic skills. As such he is cunning and manipulative both on the battlefield and outside. He has a mastery of Solaran skills as well as many other talents.

He is well educated and likes to engage in political debate.

Secrets: Ravel is a man of many secrets, a habit he shares with Mina, though he’ll often condemn those who lie. He keeps his true motives hidden. However, his greatest secrets aren’t his to tell.

Ravel has a dark side unknown to all that gradually reveals itself, and the truth is that Ravel is no longer the boy he once was.

Family: His father King Khaled, mother Queen Vida, and younger siblings Prince Rais and Princess Aniya.

Ravel has an extended family of cousins through the Solaran blood line and is especially close to his cousin Zavar, who is the nephew of Queen Vida. As a child, Ravel was surrounded by many powerful people, including those who only befriended him due to his status, and so he wasn’t close to many outside of his immediate family and Zavar and found it hard to make true friends. As a result, he grew up quite guarded and somewhat shy around strangers.

Favourite Food: Red wine, grilled lamb, scallops in garlic

Favourite Colour: Red and gold

Favourite Place: His room or the Council chamber

Favourite Hobbies: Sword training, reading, debating politics, caring for his birds

Ravel’s History/Origins

Ravel was born as a single son to Khaled and Vida, which was regarded as both a gift and curse from Rahn at the time as most Solaran children are born as either twins or triplets. His father declared Ravel heir to the throne from birth and rejoiced as this would mean there would be no contenders to the throne and Ravel wouldn’t need to fight his siblings, as is customary in much of Sandarian history.

Ravel thus grows up with a lot of weight on his shoulders. He is groomed for the crown from birth and has many tutors and mentors along the way. Despite all of this pressure, he grows up to be quite a shy, reserved boy. Khaled was very hands-on with raising Ravel and passed on many lessons of honour which Ravel took to heart. Ravel had many role models as well, including Salasar and Talin. He garnered a reputation for being a thoughtful, quiet boy who would listen to his elders and ask for their wisdom.

As such, Ravel didn’t have many friends growing up and kept himself mostly confined to the palaces of the Keep. He trained alongside Zavar, who was partly assigned to Ravel to help him bond with boys his age, and the two became good friends. Ravel also loved his younger brother and sister and would play with them and train them both in various lessons.

He feared the pressure of the crown and worried he wouldn’t live up to his father’s reputation.

However, everything changed when he took the helbond…