“Defeat my brother. He is arrogant, unbefitting of a future king.“
Prince Rais of the Bright Solara

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Character Profile: Rais

Nicknames/Titles: Rais, Prince Rais

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Date of Birth: Gai’s Seed (February 23)

Appearance: Rais is a young Solander with bronze skin. He looks similar to Ravel when he was younger with black hair he wears at shoulder-length to hide his facial scarring. Like all members of the Bright Solara royal family, he has amber eyes, though just one; he’s missing his left eye which is sewn shut. The left side of Rais’s face was horribly burned by a Fire Walker and remains badly scarred from his eye down to his neck. He wears a golden mask over half of his face to hide them. He has yet to come of age, so he doesn’t wear armour or carry a sword. Instead, he prefers light tunics and garments in his family’s red colouring.

Home: Solus

Job Role: Solaran Prince

Story Role: The second Solaran prince and a potential candidate to the throne. He later becomes Mina’s friends and a rival for Ravel.

Motivations: As the younger prince, Rais never expected to take the crown and resigns himself to serving his older brother. When growing up, Rais and Ravel were close and so Rais didn’t mind the prospect of helping his brother, but since Rais’s accident, Ravel has revealed a vindictive side which has caused Rais to become bitter and resentful of his place, though he feels powerless to do anything about it.

Rais has low self esteem and feels as though he is constantly being mocked. Many dismiss his opinions because he is the younger prince. Whilst he wants to be respected and taken seriously, he also just wants to be left alone and dreams of a life outside of the palace.

Personality: Rais is a solemn, emotional boy who hides behind his brother’s shadow. As the younger prince, he has always compared himself to his more charismatic older brother, and this has made him insecure and with low self-esteem. The King and his family have tried to encourage and support Rais to overcome his fears, however after his accident, these issues only became worse.

For a time after his accident, Rais dealt with his fears by hiding in the palace and refusing to leave his room. He spent many days there, or wandering the quiet part of the palace gardens. He believed his scars made him weak and inferior and he didn’t want anyone to see them. He finds it difficult to meet new people and make friends as he is somewhat paranoid and assumes he’s being mocked.

Outside of his insecurities, Rais has a gentle kindness that allows him to see the difficulties of life that people outside of the palace face. He is often described as pensive by his tutors.

Quirks: Rais takes himself seriously and is a quiet, sensitive introvert. He likes animals and being surrounded by nature, and is often told off by the palace guards for hiding in the gardens. He wears a golden mask to hide his scars and will avoid making eye contact with people in order to draw attention away from his face. Unlike other nobles, he tends to listen before speaking.

Abilities: Rais was taught by the same tutors as Ravel. He has been offered membership into the Academy, but withdrew after his accident and spends his time either serving Ravel’s whims or hiding in the palace rather than attending lessons. His tutors teach him in private, but doesn’t partake in any physical training such as sword fighting. Rais is well read however, but he worries his lack of formal training means he’ll never pass a helbond and become a man.

He has engaged with Salasar on some lessons as the two have bonded over their missing eyes.

Secrets: For a time, Rais was scared of Fire Walkers, but his sister was able to comfort him and offer him solace in a way his tutors and father could not. As they are twins, Rais has a close relationship with his sister and he feels like he can tell her everything.

Rais has a crush on Salasar’s daughter, but as she is betrothed and he is crippled by self-esteem issues, he’s never done anything about it.

Family: Rais comes from a long blood line of Solaran kings and queens dating back from the first King Solus. His father is the reigning King Khaled, and his mother is Queen Vida. He is close to his parents, though since his accident he’s drifted apart from everyone except his sister. He was one close to his older brother Ravel, but Ravel now torments him, something which Ravel says he is doing to build Rais’s character and make him a stronger man. Rais remains close to his twin sister Aniya. The two of them were once inseparable. Aniya has her own tutors and lessons to attend, but they still spend their spare time with each other where possible. Princess Aniya is the only person he allows to view his face without the mask, and she volunteered to care for him with ointments in place of a Green Hand.

Favourite Food: Yoghurt with nuts and pomegranate, lamb stew, anything soft and not too chewy

Favourite Colour: Turquoise

Favourite Place: The palace gardens, his own room

Favourite Hobbies: Gardening, sunbathing, reading, playing with puzzles, brooding in his room

Rais’s History/Origins

Rais was born alongside his twin sister Aniya a few years after Ravel. He was a fussy baby, and only felt calm when beside his sister. The two were inseparable for the majority of their childhood; where one twin went, the other needed to be close by.

Though they grew up in the limelight of the Keep as royalty, much of Rais’ early life was kept to the inner palace where he was allowed to grow without prying eyes watching his every movement, gaining more peace and privacy than Ravel ever did. He received the best tutors and was also taught lessons by his father, who would juggle the younger twins on his lap whilst receiving reports in his study.

Rais hero-worshipped Ravel as a child. His elder brother taught both twins how to hunt with a dagger and ride a horse. However, after Ravel’s helbond, his kindness disappeared and he seemed to change into a harsher man with a purpose. It was during this time that Rais was burned by a Fire Walker during Ravel’s helbond ceremony.

The Fire Walker’s fire flared unexpectedly and hit Rais on the left side of his face, burning from his eyebrow to his neck. Rais was rushed to the Green Hands who could do nothing to save his eye. For weeks, Rais was kept looked away to receive treatment whilst in unbearable pain. A mask was made for him to help his face heal and keep the bandages in place whilst also hiding the damage.

Rais fell into a depression and was kept company by his sister and mother. He refused to leave his room and attend his lessons. His father agreed to commission a golden mask to replace his temporary one to encourage him to step out in public. However, he has lacked confidence ever since.