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Character Profile: Quen

Nicknames/Titles: Quentin Corinth, The Dark Warden

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Domain: A Diviner from Kronos

Patron God: Dor

Appearance: Quen is a short man at 5’5 with a slim, but not particularly athletic build. Like most Diviner, he has silver eyes and short silver hair, however his skin is more of a shimmering pink-pearl colour, rather than silver, making him look more “human” than his metallic counterparts. Due to an accident as a child, his vision is short-sighted, and he wears a pair of brass spectacles to help him see. He often wears tan suits and carries his treasured pocket watch with him.

Passport Tattoo: Quen is well travelled – as a high-ranking Warden, his tattoo is completely filled with all domains and the Golden City. It is inked into his right arm.

Home: Apartment 303 of the Silver Suite Tower Block, Central

Job Role: Warden – He reports directly to Ambassador Karendar

Story Role: The secondary main character of The Cruel Gods – the rest of the story is written from his point of view!

Motivations: An honest man at heart, Quen likes to play hero and considers it his duty as a Warden to serve all the citizens of Chime, including the sinners and the Godless. Thus he takes an unpopular approach with the Wardens by seeking to understand why mortals sin or commit crimes so that he may help rehabilitate them. He doesn’t believe punishment works for making society better. Quen sees most things like a puzzle to be examined and understood, though he also sees beauty in the broken.

Quen also suffers from nightmarish visions of his future, and he seeks a way to alter his path and the future coming. Deep down, he hopes to earn an absolution from his own dark past and sins.

Personality: Quen is well-mannered and charming who plays the role of perfect gentlemen, though he hides his darker, more sarcastic tendencies. Though he comes from the aristocracy of the Golden City, Quen is more down to earth and takes a practical, hands-on approach to serving the Wardens, though he is aware this makes him a little eccentric amongst his own people.

Due to the personal nature of his unique abilities, he tries to maintain a distance between colleagues and friends, though he secretly yearns for company and enjoys lively talks and debating philosophy. He lives to understand people, especially those rejected by society, and for this reason he is sympathetic to the Godless cause.

Quirks: Quen is a dork with many nerdy habits and he loves talking about them passionately. He’s a very polite boy who never swears or blasphemes.

Due to his unique abilities, he tries to avoid touching other mortals to the point that he explains he is touch-averse. He often keeps his hands tucked inside his pockets to prevent himself from accidentally brushing against others. He also carries his pocket watch with him everywhere that he likes to touch as an instinctual habit when he needs comfort.

He dislikes coffee and the scent of coffee, which triggers his anxiety. He also has a fear of heights.

Abilities: As a Diviner, Quen has the ability to manipulate time by either pausing time, slowing it down, or speeding up. He can create pockets or bubbles of time around himself or others. By touching another mortal, he can also examine their past or future.

However, his version of this Diviner gift is warped, and by touching another mortal, he will instantly see and experience their death. Over the years he has tried to use this gift to save lives, without success, and the experience leaves him feeling traumatized.

Occasionally his god will also send him visions of incidents or Warden cases which need his attention.

Quen studied at the Chime Academy and is well-educated. Combined with his Warden training, Quen knows how to defuse difficult situations, however he’s not much of a fighter. His skills include operating machinery, including driving trams, and he is also an excellent sharp-shooter with pistols.

Secrets: Quen is a man of many secrets which you will learn about in The Cruel Gods!

One of his biggest secrets is his ability to see another mortal’s death through touch. He does not disclose this to people he meets; in fact, only his god and Ambassador Karendar knows about it.

His close relationship with Ambassador Karendar is also kept secret.

Relationships: Quen was “born” on Kronos as a fully functional eight-year-old boy by his god Dor – his only parental figure as Diviner typically don’t have mothers, and see their god as their father. Quen is close to his father and often prays for advice. Due to his abilities and eccentricities, Quen isn’t as close with his own domain – instead, he likes learning about mortals from other domains.

The only other Diviner he is close with is Ambassador Elijah Karendar. The two of them became close friends during Quen’s time at the Chime Academy, and then eventually became lovers. Due to Quen’s dark past and Elijah’s position as Ambassador, their relationship is a closely guarded secret.

Quen struggles to get close to people and make friends due to his ability to see their death with a single touch, thus he lives quite a lonely existence and pushes people away. He does have a few friends; namely, the Ember Ambassador Erosain.

Favourite Food: Tea with two sugars, a splash of milk, and two chocolate bourbon biscuits. Quen despises iced tea and coffee.

Favourite Colour: Bronze

Favourite Place: The Chime Academy

Favourite Hobbies: Reading the Chime Courier, riding the tram, collecting model trains, tinkering with clockwork devices, having intellectual conversations.

Quen's History/Origins

As a typical Diviner, Quen was born on Kronos as a young eight-year-old boy and spent two years there studying horology – the study of time – in order to master his power over time and learn not to abuse them. At age ten, Quen immediately entered Chime and enrolled at the Chime Academy as a younger engineering apprentice to become a tram driver. However, after a discussion with his father, Quen instead transferred to the School of Art where he met Elijah.

Dor’s path for Quen was to study and become a Warden, which Quen wasn’t initially sure about, but he trusted his god not to lead him down the wrong path. Though during his studies, he grew distracted by his relationship with Elijah.

Then one fateful day, Quen witnessed a vision of Chime’s destruction that caused him to have an accident that lead to his damaged eyesight. Whilst he’s mostly forgotten the incident, he hasn’t forgotten the vision, and hopes to find a way to prevent this devastating future to come.

To avert this future, Quen graduated into the Wardens aged twenty. Two years later, and he finds himself embroiled with the infamous Grayford Incident, which results in the death of two Vesper, and earns him the nickname of Dark Warden.