You must have me mistaken, ma’am. I’m but an innocent paperboy. I wouldn’t hold such wanton desires.

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Character Profile: Malk

Nicknames/Titles: Malkavaan Byvich

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Domain: A Vesper from Eventide

Patron God: Valeria

Appearance: Malk is a typical Vesper with midnight blue skin, black lips and nails and elongated ears. His hair is long and thick, which he occasionally wears in a ponytail, but mostly lets hang loose. Though it’s his bright sapphire eyes which stand out. He’s tall at over 6 foot, and has a lithe figure that he carries with a feline grace that enables him to slip in and out of shadows. Malk dresses casually in a city slicker get-up for his job at the Chime Courier.

Passport Tattoo: Malk’s tattoo has only one domain: Eventide.

Home: The Abandoned Tram Depot in Grayford, the Undercity

Job Role: Malk works for the Chime Courier for the paperboy and uses this as a cover to communicate with Harmony and distribute Godless fliers around Central.

Story Role: Malk is Kayl’s long-term friend and lover. Their relationship motivates Kayl to act.

Motivations: Unlike Kayl, Malk grew up on Eventide under the shadow of his god and witnessed their god’s cruelty first hand. He understands what it feels like to be a powerless mortal and to watch loved-ones suffer. Because of this, he believes in the Godless, in snatching whatever power they can to stand against the gods and help mortals escape their whims. He’s willing to get his hands dirty and do whatever it takes so that no Vesper child will struggle as he did.

Personality: An introvert at heart, Malk is like most Vesper in that he has a grumpy side and likes to keep to himself and the shadows. Though he can be a bit of a nihilist prone to depressing thoughts, Malk is generally a calm, chill guy and confident in his abilities. He also has a wicked sense of humour that he developed more for Kayl’s benefit.

Quirks: Malk is fond of the night and tends to stay up late or sleep in if he can. He hates crowds, and doesn’t care much for the hustle and bustle of Central or the shops there, but he’ll tolerate them for Kayl so he can buy her treats.

Abilities: As a Vesper, Malk can summon and manipulate shadows which he uses to sneak around and spy for the Godless. Growing up in the Undercity, Malk also knows how to take care of himself. He can brawl with the best of them, but is especially skilled with knives and likes to practice throwing them in the Godless depot. He’s also handy with a lockpick.

Malk has a few unusual talents and tricks he taught himself as a child, including card dealing, shadow puppetry, and playing the flute.

Secrets: Malk has a lot of fears regarding his time in Eventide and his god. Whilst he puts on a brave face, he loathes travelling back to his home domain and finds the experience traumatic. His greatest fear is that one day, his god will simply snap him out of existence.

Relationships: Malk grew up on Eventide with his parents who were simply mushroom farmers. However, Malk lost both at a young age; his father was murdered for missing the tithe, and though his mother smuggled him out to Chime, she disappeared from Grayford’s streets, leaving him alone with Kayl as his only friend and support.

Though he disliked Kayl when they first met, after losing his mother, he became close and the two of them formed a close sibling-like bond. As they entered their late teenage years, Malk began to realise his feelings for Kayl were anything but wholesome, though he tried to keep a respectful distance.

After the Grayford Incident, the two of them finally admitted their feelings for each other and their relationship turned physical pretty quickly. The rest of the Godless know that Kayl and Malk are glued together at the hip.

Malk gets on with the other Godless and will play cards with Sinder and Vincent. Due to his late nights and affinity for the dark, Malk has grown fond of Reve and keeps an eye on the boy when Dru is busy.

Favourite Food: Baked bread and grilled cheese sandwiches with mushrooms

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Place: Grayford’s Night Market

Favourite Hobbies: Playing cards, performing tricks and shadow puppetry, knife throwing, wrestling, playing the flute, spending the night with Kayl

Malk's History/Origins

Malk grew up in his home domain of Eventide with his parents who were mushroom farmers. They had a poor life, but a satisfying one, until one fateful day when Malk’s father couldn’t afford to pay the tithe on time as demanding of their god. Unfortunately, Valeria was not forgiving, and as punishment, she ordered Malk’s father to be flayed alive as he watched. Horrified by this and fearing for their lives, Malk’s mother, Elvira, took Malk and ran from Eventide on the next crossing to seek shelter in Chime. With no money to their name, they made their way to the Undercity, though on the way they came across a crying girl that Elvira also took under her wing, despite Malk’s protests – they couldn’t feed themselves, how could they feed an extra month, a stranger at that?

For a few months, Elvira took whatever work she could to provide for both Malk and Kayl. Their luck was changing when she attracted the attention of the Vesper Ambassador, Varen. However, one day Elvira disappeared. Malk was distraught and searched the slums. But no one, not even Varen, knew what became of her. Hungry and desperate, Malk and Kayl agreed to help each other survive.

They both took on errands and odd jobs for Varen around Grayford and much of Malk’s teenage years were spent digging through the Grayford trash heaps or working on maintenance projects to make the slums a more habitable place for other Vesper. Then one day, Elvira returned and informed Malk that she’d been trapped inside a Glimmer workhouse all that time.

Shocked by his mother’s sudden reappearance, he helps her care for a runaway Glimmer girl as Wardens come marching on Grayford. During what is known as the Grayford Incident, Malk is caught in a riot between the Wardens and illegal Vesper residents. He is injured during the scuffle and can only watch on in horror as his mother is taken by the Wardens – never to be seen again.

Hurt by the loss, and outraged by the Wardens actions, Malk and Kayl form the Godless group to stand against the cruelty of the gods and their Wardens.