The rest of the Godless knew my nature; reckless, prone to distraction and wanton acts of danger, and completely scatterbrained.

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Character Profile: Kayl

Nicknames/Titles: Kay

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Domain: A Vesper from Eventide

Patron God: Valeria

Appearance: Kayl is a tall woman at 6 foot and she takes on the form of a Vesper with indigo skin, black lips and fingernails, short black hair she keeps neat, and elongated ears. Unlike other Vesper, her eyes are a bright silvery-blue. Due to her penchant for snacks and sweets, she has a curvy build and will often dress in the more modest dark clothes and shawl expected of Vesper women, however in private, she much prefers wearing revealing blouses and skirts and experimenting with makeup.

Passport Tattoo: Kayl’s tattoo is fake as she is an illegal unregistered citizen of Chime. It covers Eventide and is marked on her left arm.

Home: The Abandoned Tram Depot in Grayford, the Undercity

Job Role: Spy for the Godless

Story Role: The primary main character of The Cruel Gods – most of the story is written from her point of view!

Motivations: Kayl grew up in the Undercity hearing tales of the gods cruelties and witnessing poverty and starvation first hand. She felt powerless to help at first, but when her adoptive mother was taken into a Glimmer workhouse, she knew she needed to do something. Then after Wardens raided Grayford and arrested innocents, she and Malk decided to form the Godless to support others who had been abused by the Wardens and the gods.

Whilst her goal has always been to help mortals escape their gods, Kayl has a strong independent streak and fights for her right to free will as well – the freedom to belong to no man or god, and to live her own life as she wishes.

She believes mortals don’t need divine intervention to be creative or strong.

Personality: Kayl is a headstrong character who comes across as ditzy and scatter-brained at times. She’s confident, independent, but also playful. She loves life and doesn’t want anyone telling her how to live it – no man or god.

Despite her confidence, Kayl has trouble concentrating sometimes and is easily distracted and forgetful. She’s also terrible at remembering names. The other Godless consider her hopeless, but endearing.

Quirks: Though she grew up in the Undercity, Kayl received tutelage under Ambassador Varen, the leader of Grayford, who taught her manners and how to act and talk proper within Chime’s polite society.

Due to her scattered nature, Kayl often talks to herself – and sometimes the strange voice inside her head answers…

Kayl is also ambidextrous but favours her left hand.

Abilities: As a Vesper, Kayl can summon and manipulate shadows which makes it easier for her to sneak around. She has the street smarts of an Undercity upbringing which means she’s an adept pickpocket and lock pick, though she isn’t much use in a fight and would prefer to talk her way out of dangerous situations.

She likes to think of herself as an actress putting on a play and is great at switching roles and adapting in different situations to play spy.

Throughout The Cruel Gods, we’ll learn that Kayl also has some more unique abilities…

Secrets: Kayl doesn’t remember much of her past, including who her parents were, and tends to keep this private from the rest of the Godless. She also reacts to the aether lamps of Chime, which make her uncomfortable and give her headaches. As she’s never heard of anyone else reacting to the city’s lamps this way, she tries to hide it so no one thinks she’s weird.

Relationships: Kayl doesn’t remember any parental figures from her childhood, but was taken in by a Vesper woman named Elvira who raised Kayl and Malk together before Elvira was taken into a workhouse. Kayl and Malk soon grew close, and after the Grayford Incident, they began to date.

Growing up in the Undercity, Kayl met and flirted with many male and female Ember during her teenage years, and briefly dated an Ember girl named Fira before she grew close to Malk. At the start of The Cruel Gods, she and Malk had been dating exclusively for five years.

Favourite Food: Blueberry pancakes, though really, Kayl will eat just about anything. She’s got a sweet tooth!

Favourite Colour: Silver

Favourite Place: The Depot

Favourite Hobbies: Keeping up with the latest fashions, experimenting with make up and trying nail polish with Sinder, hanging out and eating cream buns with Dru, collecting junk.

Kayl's History/Origins

Kayl doesn’t remember much of her childhood except being scared and alone in the Undercity. Aged thirteen, she was found by a Vesper woman, Elvira, and her young son Malk. Elvira took Kayl under her wing, though Malk objected, and considered Kayl a rival for food. The three of them found shelter within the Grayford slums of the Undercity, where they lived on scraps until one day Elvira mysteriously disappeared.

Forced to rely on each other to survive, Kayl and Malk teamed up to work off jobs in the Undercity. They caught the attention of Ambassador Varen, leader of Grayford, who agreed to tutor them both in exchange for running his errands. Growing up, Kayl began to see Varen as a mentor and father figure and appreciated his lessons on Chime’s society and the role of the gods.

At age 20, Kayl is shocked when Elvira suddenly returns to Grayford with a pregnant Glimmer woman and injured Ember male named Sinder. Elvira reveals that she’d been locked inside a Glimmer workhouse all this time, but thanks to Sinder’s help, they were able to escape and sought out Grayford to help the Glimmer girl end her unwanted pregnancy.

However, Wardens came to Grayford searching for the Glimmer girl. During the scuffle, two Vesper are killed and many more are inured. The Wardens capture the Glimmer girl and Elvira whilst rounding up other illegal citizens to deport from Chime. During this, both Malk and Sinder are injured.

This day became known as the infamous Grayford Incident.

Both Kayl and Malk were devastated to lose Elvira again and enraged by the Wardens actions. Six months later, they receive support and donations from a mystery benefactor encouraging them to help Grayford’s poorest. Kayl and Malk take these unexpected resources and establish the Godless, an organisation design to stand against the gods and protect Chime’s mortals from their whims.

Five years later, and the Godless are still trying to get the Glimmer workhouses shut down.