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Character Profile: Harmony

Nicknames/Titles: Harmony Arabesque, Harm

Gender: Female

Age: 40

Domain: A Seren from Arcadia

Patron God: Serenity

Appearance: Harmony is a Seren at only 4-foot in height, but unlike other Seren, she only has one wing and cannot fly. Her skin is a soft lilac shade and her hair is a natural pink that she dyes auburn and keeps short to look more mature. Her eyes, unlike other mortals, have diamond-shaped pupils. Because she tries to maintain an air of professionalism despite her Seren body looking much younger, Harmony prefers to wear smart casual clothes, dressing in suits or a skirt and blouse, and is often seen carrying a handbag or briefcase.

Passport Tattoo: Harmony’s tattoo is for two domains: Arcadia, her home domain, and Memoria, where she studied at the University. She once had a stamp for the Golden City but this was removed years ago.

Home: Whilst Harmony owns an apartment in the City Rise tower block on Central, she spends most of her time with the Godless in Grayford and has a room there.

Job Role: Leader of the Godless and copywriter for the Chime Courier. She uses her contacts within the Courier to spy on breaking news or other tidbits being censored by the Wardens. Her employment with the Courier gives her the means to create fliers for the Godless and then pass these to Malk for distribution.

Story Role: The official leader of the Godless, Harmony decides which operations are worth the risk. And she acts as a big sister figure for Kayl.

Motivations: Ever since she lost her long-term lover and was punished by her god by having one of her wings removed, she’s held a vendetta against her own domain and god. For years after, she felt embarrassed by her punishment, by her deformity, but soon came to realise these were not her fault and she’d been a victim. One day, a note appeared in her Courier dropbox telling her about the Godless, and that changed everything. She saw the Godless as a way to claim back her revenge, and now she seeks to spread blasphemy and discord throughout Chime and upset society’s careful balance.

Personality: For such a small, frail Seren, Harmony is larger than life and with a mouth to show for it. She’s spent most of her life fighting to be heard, which has made her a confident and emotionally strong woman who’s willing to take on anything. She’s smart, sassy, and makes sure that no one underestimates her, but underneath all that bravado is a deep vulnerability and a fear that she’ll never let herself feel powerless again.

Quirks: Harmony’s high-pitched voice can often be heard across the room. Though she rarely sings due to her power, her singing voice is awful.

She’s so full of energy that occasionally her single wing will flutter from excitement.

She dislikes boorish and snobby people, and does not get on with the Zephyr.

Abilities: As a Seren, Harmony possesses the ability to charm and manipulate others through the power of song, though she rarely uses her siren’s call, instead preferring to bullshit her way through trouble. Unlike other Seren, she cannot fly, which makes navigating Chime at her height quite difficult. To compensate, Harmony has developed a loud mouth and bossy attitude to make sure people get out of her way.

Harmony is the smartest of the Godless and comes from a highly educated background. She is well read and knowledgeable about most happenings in Chime, and she has a keen eye for detail. Most Seren have a creative mind, and she puts hers to the written word, choosing to win her battles with the pen rather than the sword.

She loves to write steamy romance novels in her spare time, and will share fashion and makeup tips with Kayl and Sinder.

Secrets: Harmony doesn’t speak much of her past or of her past lover, as this is deeply personal to her. No one knows her lover’s name.

During her work at the Chime Courier, Harmony has learned many secrets and has become something of an information broker as she trades these secrets to find valuable intel for the Godless. She receives intel from a mystery benefactor who she believes may be a crooked Warden, but she has no idea who they truly are.

Relationships: Harmony comes from a prestigious family of musicians on Arcadia, some of whom own property within the rich Seren Windsong estate of the Golden City. Because of her family connections, Harmony was afforded many privileges, but since she was banished by her god, her family cut her off and they haven’t spoken in years.

In the years since Harmony lost her lover, she has never dated, nor shown any preference towards other mortals romantically. However, Harmony refuses to speak about her past lover or move on from the events which lead to her death.

Favourite Food: Apple Pie and Rose Wine

Favourite Colour: Auburn

Favourite Place: The Depot’s printing office

Favourite Hobbies: Plotting revenge, reading erotica, writing steamy romance novels and getting feedback from Kayl and Sinder, sharing fashion tips, drinking wine

Harmony's History/Origins

Harmony was a bright young girl with a bright future ahead of her. Born to the prestigious Arabesque family who were revered for their musical talents and performances within the Golden City, Harmony grew up in a world of privilege and luxury, though she herself was not musically inclined. She entertained the dream of becoming a journalist, and instead of following in her family’s footsteps, she entered the University of Memoria to study literature and journalism instead, much to her family’s disappointment.

Once graduated, she used her family’s name to earn an internship at a large book publisher within the Golden City. There, she met her lover, and the two became close at the hip. Her lover was a wild soul who loved to create outrageous, if not borderline blasphemous art. Harmony’s family thought her lover was a bad influence, but Harmony wouldn’t listen to them.

Then one day, Harmony and her lover were expected to donate a tribute to their god – a work of art dedicated to their god’s beauty as a tithe. Whilst Harmony wrote a poem, her lover created an offensive painting of Serenity in a drunken moment. Before it could be destroyed, Harmony’s family got hold of it and it made its way to Serenity’s court.

Serenity was furious and summoned Harmony’s lover to face justice, except there was no justice, and she was executed instead by being ripped apart. Harmony was forced to watch in horror. Serenity then demanded that Harmony renew her faith by spitting on the remains, and whilst Harmony pleaded for her life, she refused to desecrate her lover’s body. Serenity then punished Harmony by ripping off one of her wings by leaving the remainder as a reminder.

Harmony was then banished from Arcadia and shunned from her family. Her Golden City stamp was removed, and she was forced to slum it in Central, spending her last notes on an apartment. Her entire life came crashing down, and she found a quiet job working for the Chime Courier. For many years, she blamed herself for what happened, until one day, she received a note in her work dropbox telling her about the Godless…