Chime has always come under Diviner rule. We alone have the knowledge and temperament to govern with fairness and logic.

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Character Profile: Elijah

Nicknames/Titles: Elijah Karendar, Eli, Ambassador

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Domain: A Diviner from Kronos

Patron God: Dor

Appearance: A regal gentleman, Elijah cuts a stunning, if not domineering figure in his form-fitting pinstriped suits. Like most Diviner, his skin has a silver, almost chrome-like metallic sheen, though his neat hair is a bronze colour and his eyes a startling brass. At first glance, his shorter, smaller body doesn’t appear threatening, but those brass eyes can cut through anyone.

Passport Tattoo: As ambassador, Elijah’s tattoo is completely filled with all domains and the Golden City.

Home: House Karendar in Timefall Estates, the Golden City

Job Role: Ambassador for the Diviner and Leader of the Wardens

Story Role: The primary antagonist of The Cruel Gods.

Motivations: As ambassador for the Diviner, Elijah is the voice of his god and takes his role very seriously indeed. Not only does he exist to protect and serve his people but also to act as the mortal instrument of his god’s will. Whatever plans or machinations Dor has, Elijah is willing to put them in motion. As head of the Council of Domain Ambassadors, Elijah has the greatest say in how Chime’s society works, and how the Wardens operate, effectively making him their leader.

Whilst he cares for the citizens of Chime, he puts his own people, the Diviner, first. He believes Diviner logic is the best way to run Chime fairly, and he wishes to weed out the dangerous and heretic elements which are poisoning Chime’s society. Namely, the Godless.

Personality: A stoic man, Elijah believes in the Diviner ideals of order and logic and therefore keeps his emotions in check. He does not like to waste time, nor does he suffer fools that waste his own. At times, Elijah can come across as callous, but that is only because he sees the potential in trying to help the many instead of the few. Why should he care for the mortals who refuse to integrate with Chime’s polite society?

Quirks: Elijah lives his life like clockwork and dismisses those who are late or treat his time with disrespect. He often works hard and sleeps little and thus has a bad coffee habit to help keep his mind sharp.

He studied at the School of Art in Chime’s Academy where he learned to play the piano and is naturally talented at it.

Abilities: As a Diviner, Elijah can manipulate time, though he rarely feels the need to use his abilities except to pause time for private conversations with other Diviner. He does however use his ability to read the past of those subordinate to him as a quick way to see what they they’ve been up to, and to keep them in check. It is impossible for anyone to keep a secret from Elijah as he enjoys examining their past.

Elijah’s main talents lie in bureaucracy. As a student of Chime’s Academy, Elijah is well educated and a smart man. He enjoys studying the behaviour of other mortals and writing up reports. He manages the affairs of the Diviner and Chime’s rule with finesse.

Secrets: Elijah knows a great many things about the other domains and their ambassadors which he has learned during his tenure as ambassador and also through his connection from Dor. Some of these he keeps for later blackmail material if needed.

Dor has also passed on much of his knowledge to Elijah, which he keeps secret for the good of Chime’s safety.

He also has a few secrets of his own, especially regarding his close relationship with Quen. Elijah is a private man, and he quashes any rumours with brutal efficiency.

Relationships: Like Quen, Elijah was “born” in Kronos as a young child who left to study in Chime’s Academy. He therefore has no mother, but is close to his father, Dor, whom he speaks with daily.

Elijah was a quiet and polite child, though he found himself drawn to Quen’s cute dorkiness when they met at the Academy. The pair of them became quick friends and eventually lovers, though their relationship is somewhat one-sided. Elijah keeps their relationship secret so as to not affect his own reputation as ambassador. Because of this, there is a power imbalance between them and Elijah isn’t sure if Quen’s heart is in it anymore…

Favourite Food: Coffee

Favourite Colour: Silver

Favourite Place: The Golden City Theatre

Favourite Hobbies: Playing the piano, drinking coffee, reading and writing reports, attending the theatre, studying the effects of sin on mortals, laughing evilly (Okay I made that up, Elijah is not the laughing type)

Elijah's History/Origins

Elijah followed a similar life path to Quen. He was “born” on Kronos as a young boy where he too studied horology – the study of time. From a young age, he trusted his god to guide him on the correct path and so he enrolled in Chime’s Academy to study politics and philosophy within the Academy’s School of Art. years later he met Quen, and the two of them became friends.

Then on one fateful day, Quen suffered an accident which resulted in his damaged eyesight. Elijah was worried for his friend, and was forced to confess that his feelings for Quen were more than just friendly. Dor didn’t approve of their relationship and sat Elijah down to explain his destiny.

Elijah was to become the next ambassador for Chime and to serve his god as Dor’s own mortal voice. Elijah was both scared and excited by this prospect, and so he obeyed his father and put professional distance between himself and Quen in order to complete his studies and graduate into his role. Shortly after this, his life became embroiled with Quen’s once again as Quen became in trouble for his role during the Grayford Incident.

Forced to step in and exonerate Quen so that Quen could continue serving the Wardens as per Dor’s request, Elijah took over Quen’s career as his direct supervisor to ensure Quen didn’t stray into sin. However, during their time together, they rekindled their relationship.

Elijah now must balance the needs of Chime’s citizens whilst keeping his own needs in check.