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Character Profile: Dru

Nicknames/Titles: Druzy Smith

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Domain: An Umber from Heartstone

Patron God: Unghard

Appearance: Dru is an Umber with hard, stone-like skin that is the colour of green moss. She has pebble freckles on her cheeks and her eyebrows are made from yellow daisies which she can pluck and regrow. Her hair comes down to her shoulder and is made from lush green vines, giving her a more natural appearance. Despite being made from stone, her figure isn’t overly bulky, though she does possess great strength. Dru prefers to dress in modest and practical clothing.

Passport Tattoo: Dru’s tattoo has only one domain: Heartstone.

Home: Originally from Heartstone, she now has her own room at the tram depot in the Undercity.

Job Role: Spy for the Godless. Dru often volunteers in the Grayford soup kitchen, and is responsible for growing the fruit and vegetable plots underground.

Story Role: Kayl’s best friend and confidant, Dru tries to keep her out of trouble with down-to-earth advice.

Motivations: Unlike the rest of the Godless, Dru doesn’t have a tragic background and has a positive relationship with her god. When she came to Chime on missionary work, she discovered Grayford and saw how Chime’s poorest were forced to live. She volunteered to help them by serving in Grayford’s soup kitchen which is where she met Kayl and soon learned of the Godless. Whilst she doesn’t always agree with the Godless, she listened to their tales and learned of their god’s cruelties and decided that, even if they were misguided, they deserved respect and support.

Dru made it her mission to help the downtrodden, and when she met Reve and saw he needed more help than the rest of them, she decided to stay with the Godless and become his care taker.

There is also a selfish part of Dru that liked working with the Godless because, unlike home, they didn’t treat her like a faceless Umber or slave. They treated her like an individual. And Dru so desperately wants to be an individual…

Personality: Like most Umber, Dru can be uptight, believing that keeping to oneself and working hard is the path to virtue. This makes her a pushover as others often take advantage of her generosity. Unlike the other Umber, however, Dru likes to give her opinion on things even if she is too honest and lacks tact. She can be grumpy, though she rarely loses her temper.

She complains about the Godless getting her into trouble, but she wouldn’t change it for the world.

Quirks: Dru is a polite lady and never swears. She finds it impossible to say no to other people’s demands.

The flowers which grow on her brow often wilt or twitch depending on her moods. She can remove them and offer them as gifts, as per Umber custom, but never has, as to gift a flower is a deeply personal thing.

Abilities: As an Umber, Dru’s stone body gives her impressive strength, meaning she can carry heavy objects with ease or punch holes through brick walls. Her body is also impervious to most elemental magic, including an Ember’s fire. Her natural skills with plants means she can instantly grow and manipulate plant life, which makes her an excellent gardener, though this skill can also be used to attack or trap people with plants, so long as there are plants nearby.

Dru’s family back on Heartstone were blacksmiths, as she was expected to follow the family tradition. As such, she is a skilled smithy and once worked in the Steamworks on Chime. However, she doesn’t enjoy it and only puts her skills to use when needing to do repairs in Grayford.

Secrets: Dru is an open book and rarely keeps secrets, though in recent years, she has kept the nature of her missionary work with the Godless secret from her Umber friends and family.

Relationships: Dru comes from a large family of blacksmiths back on Heartstone, with ten other siblings and many more cousins. As a middle child, she always felt smothered by her family, and never had any peace to herself as she was constantly caring for her younger siblings or working the family forge. Serving others is a cultural normal in Umber society, and Dru was taught to always put others first. When she came of age, she was tasked with taking on a missionary project within one of the other domains and she chose to leave for Chime, if only to get away from her family and find some breathing space. Whilst she hasn’t visited her family in years, she often sends them letters and gifts.

Because Umber favour large families, it is expected of Dru to find a suitable Umber partner and make her own. Arranged marriages are common, but Dru has been ignoring her family’s requests. It’s not that she’s shy – Dru just isn’t attracted to others and would rather live an asexual lifestyle. She has never dated, even if Kayl tries to encourage her.

Dru has made friends with the Godless, especially Kayl, and has taken over Reve’s care as a mother figure. The other Godless appreciate her and welcome her into their world.

Favourite Food: Pink and purple pebbles. Umber mostly eat stone or bark, though Dru will occasionally eat sweets with Kayl and Reve.

Favourite Colour: Gold

Favourite Place: Meridian Park, Central

Favourite Hobbies: Gardening, growing fruits, visiting parks to relax and sunbathe, listening to Seren music

Dru's History/Origins

Dru has always been a quiet girl that was overlooked and lost to her large family back on Heartstone. Growing up with such a large and boisterous family was overwhelming at times. As a child, she wanted to be an individual, to be respected for herself, but instead she kept her head down and did what she was told as all Umber are supposed to.

She entered the family trade and trained to be a blacksmith as was expected of her, and readied herself mentally for the prospect of an arranged marriage. However, when she came of age and needed to take on missionary work as per Umber custom, she chose to go it alone and volunteer with the Steamworks on Chime. There, she grew bored of the drudgery and wandered off to the Undercity’s slums to see them for herself.

There, she saw real poverty for the first time and was appalled by how Chime treated its poorest members of society. She left the Steamworks and immediately began voluntary work within Grayford’s soup kitchen as well as running errands and maintenance around the slums. During this, she met Kayl and soon learned about the Godless and their plight.

And that was where she met Reve, a young Mesmer boy who needed more help than the Godless could provide.

Though she didn’t always agree with the Godless, she agreed to stay with them and help their cause. Her god always told her to help those in need, and the Godless needed her.