“I was born in Sandair before you ask.”
Alistar Myrbond

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Character Profile: Alistar

Nicknames/Titles: Ali

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Date of Birth: Rahn’s Dawn (August 5)

Appearance: Alistar is a Neu Bosan with tan olive skin and dark hair which sticks up in all directions except for a single braid which dangles down his neck. Like all Neu Bosan, Alistar has green eyes. He’s shorter than most men at 5 ft 6 in. He has an athletic body with scars down his chest which he covers with a tattoo in the shape of a red fire serpent (Myr). He also has three silver stars above his left eyebrow. Though Bosan, Alistar wears Sandarian clothing and a lime green sash representing his House.

Home: Myryn, north-west Gaisland

Job Role: Academy Student

Story Role: Side character and friend to Mina. He offers a Neu Bosan perspective to Mina’s world.

Motivations: Alistar loves his Neu Bosan culture and heritage, but growing up in Sandair caused him to desire the same things as his Sandarian peers. As the youngest child in a large family, Alistar often felt overlooked and neglected by his parents and would act out when he was younger. He would displease his family by deliberately going against their wishes and choosing Sandarian hobbies and interests. As such, he didn’t have any interest in his family’s politics or trading and instead was fascinated by Sandarian warriors and wanted to become one. He convinced his father to allow him to train under their Duslander guard so he could learn Sandarian sword fighting and join the Academy.

Because of his Neu Bosan blood, Alistar feels that he has more to prove compared to everyone else. He initially befriends Mina because he hero-worships Lord Talin and wants some of Talin’s honour and glory to rub off on him. But, if Alistar was honest, he’d admit training to be a warrior is more about becoming his own man and proving himself to his family.

Alistar is more cautious than Mina. He doesn’t want to do anything which could harm his House or his chances of becoming a warrior, and he cringes at Mina’s interactions with Prince Ravel.

Personality: On the surface, Alistar is a laid back guy with a casual outlook on life. However, he can also be uptight and tends to play by the rules. The thought of rebelling against Neu Bosan stereotypes and his family excite him, but he also grew up on the concept of family honour and is painfully aware of the duties he holds to his House. He easily gets nervous and is quick to back down when things get heated. Alistar acts confident, but he has self-esteem issues and isn’t confident in his own abilities. He dreams of performing courageous deeds, but he’s scared of putting the wrong foot forward.

Like many Housemen, Alistar has a high sense of entitlement and parrots many ignorant opinions, but he’s also aware of injustice and, like Mina, he wants to help the underdog. He’s just more pragmatic about it. He approaches most things with caution and doesn’t fully commit, but that’s because he’s unsure of himself and his place in the world.

He knows that he is born of two worlds; a Neu Bosan born in Sandair. He realised from a young age that he stood out as different and he struggles to reconcile these differences. He tries to integrate with Sandarian cultural norms and takes the Sandarian side during debates, but a part of him resents this and will slowly begin to question it.

Quirks: Alistar acts like he’s part of Sandarian society and one of them, but he’s keenly aware of his Neu Bosan heritage and the differences which set him apart. His speech and accent are all Sandarian but he can speak the Neu Bosan tongue too.

He tugs on his braid when he’s nervous and uses common Neu Bosan phrases in speech, such as “stars above.”

Alistar’s hobbies involve drinking at the local tavern, which is where he likes to hang out to learn the latest Neu Bosan gossip that he wouldn’t get from his family.

Abilities: Alistar is a talented swordsman with the Solaran style and was trained by a Duslander sword master. He’s ambidextrous and can fight and write with both hands.

Before he learned the sword, he was trained in archery and is excellent with a bow. He performs and rides much better with a bow than a sword.

Alistar is also a keen swimmer and enjoys swimming in the ocean and lakes, but he downplays his hobby as his Sandarian peers used to mock him for it.

He is well educated and knows the patterns and constellations of the stars as taught by his family’s scholars. He can read, write, and speak Sandarian and Neu Bosan fluently. He also knows Hartnord but rarely gets the chance to practice it.

Secrets: Alistar tries to live his life as an open book due to the stereotype of Neu Bosan being secretive. As such, he can be quick with his opinion, whether wanted or not. However, he does have some secrets.

His family hold secrets which he guards out of duty, such as his old sword master possessing fire magic. Alistar fears fire magic and fire in general and will go out of his way to avoid standing near fire or Fire Walkers.

Alistar is also not his birth name, but a mix of a Neu Bosan and Sandarian name he chose for himself.

He has never kissed a girl and is too shy to approach them, though he tries to hide this insecurity with bravado.

Family: Alistar comes from a large family. In Neu Bosan culture, large families are seen as a sign of wealth and power. Alistar has many cousins and extended family who mostly work in politics and trading, and not all of them approve of Alistar’s interest in Sandarian culture and sword fighting.

Alistar’s father is an important political figure in Neu Bosa and Sandair, and his mother is also a well known and respected trader in Neu Bosa. Alistar is the youngest of seven siblings. All his older brothers and sisters are involved in family politics and trade, and he is expected to follow suit. He struggles to relate to his older siblings and hates their teasing. His relationship with his parents is cordial rather than close, as they didn’t spend much time with him as a child and instead bought his affection with gold and frequent trips to Neu Bosa. Alistar understands his place and the duty he holds for his family and House, but resents it too.

Favourite Food: Sandarian kebob and beer, Neu Bosan rice cakes

Favourite Colour: Lime green

Favourite Place: Bosrun, the capital city of Neu Bosa

Favourite Hobbies: Drinking beer, swimming, playing dice games

Alistar's History/Origins

Alistar was born in Sandair. His other siblings were all born in Neu Bosa, which set him apart from them. From a young age he grew up alongside Sandarian and Neu Bosan tutors and teachings. His family would take him on frequent trips to Neu Bosa to learn more about his own culture. However, as he grew older, his Sandarian peers would mock him for not being Sandarian enough.

To his parents disapproval, Alistar began to shrug off his Neu Bosan culture and try to integrate more into the Sandarian way of life in order to fit in. He became obsessed with the stories of heroes from his peers and begged his family to allow him to train in Sandarian fighting arts. His father refused, stating that it was no path for a Neu Bosan and he wanted Alistar to follow his footsteps. Alistar rebelled by giving himself the traditional three-star tattoo that would mark him as a common-born servant and effectively bar him from a political career. His father was livid at the time and punished Alistar. However, he was able to convince his parents to allow him to train by appealing to their traditional Neu Bosan side; by pointing out he was born under the stars of Myr, the warrior, and that having a warrior in the family would look better for their House than hiring men to fight within the tournament.

He was allowed to train under the family guard, a Duslander swordsman, and through him Alistar learned Sandarian fighting arts. Alistar’s sword master had fire magic, which Alistar kept secret. When Alistar was aged fifteen, his sword master accidentally burned down their ship on a return trip from Neu Bosa. This incident resulted in Alistar receiving a burn injury to chest whilst trying to save his mother, and it left him with permanent scars he later covered with a tattoo, and a fear of fire. Alistar’s father rewarded his bravery by allowing him entrance to the Academy.