Books by Trudie

A collection of the current fantasy book series written by Trudie Skies.

The Cruel Gods Series

Cruel gods rule the steam-powered city of Chime and demand worship from their mortal subjects, but when soul-sucking creatures prey on Chime’s citizens, it’ll take godless heathens to save them—before the gods take matters into their own hands.

An adult gaslamp fantasy trilogy.

  • 3 POV’s, 1st Person
  • Edwardian-Inspired Setting
  • 13 Unique Fantasy Races
  • Found Family
  • Gothic Gods
  • Magical Portals
  • Steampunk Vibes
  • Clockwork Mechanics
  • Obnoxiously British
  • Queer-Normative
  • LGBT+ Rep

Rating: Adult aged 16+
Violence: Some violence and scenes of abuse, see Content Warnings
Swearing: Lots of swearing including F-bombs
Romance: Some romance and sexual scenes, will increase in later books

The Anatomy of Fear

The Anatomy of Fear explores the borders between fear and fantasy through fiction. Penned by twelve independent authors, this anthology brings together different thoughts, experiences, and perspectives to answer one question. What do we fear, and why do we fear it? Featuring a collection of unique stories, each featuring or inspired by a different part of the human anatomy, The Anatomy of Fear fuses horror, dark fantasy, grimdark, modern, and gothic influences.

Edited by Sarah Chorn, The Anatomy of Fear features stories by Krystle Matar, Sean Crow, Tim Hardie, Zamil Akhtar, Bjorn Larssen, LL MacRae, BA Bellec, Lee C Conley, Trudie Skies, Jacob Sannox, HL Tinsley, and Ryan Howse.

Rating: Adult aged 16+
Violence: Some violence and scenes of abuse, content warnings provided in book
Swearing: Some swearing
Romance: None

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